July 23 – August 22


Leo is ruled by the Sun, represented by the symbol of a lion, and it is a fire sign. Individuals born under the Leo sign possess natural leadership qualities. They are determined, courageous, and have a regal demeanor that often influences others. People born under this sign are confident, bold, intelligent, and enthusiastic. They speak their minds thoughtfully, carefully choosing their words. Leos are known to be romantic and have the ability to attract others. They make great and genuine friends. They work diligently and complete their tasks on time with utmost dedication.

Leo (Simha) Zodiac Sign Compatibility with Other Signs:

Compatible Signs: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces

Incompatible Signs: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

Lucky Day: Sunday

Lucky Colors: Golden, Red

Lucky Gemstone: Ruby

Strengths of Leo (Simha) Zodiac Sign:

Leo individuals are natural-born leaders, possessing a strong sense of self-confidence and the ability to influence others positively. They are assertive and excel in taking charge of situations, often being attracted to politics and leadership roles. They are well-regarded in society and are known for their courage and determination. They are known for their honesty and do not hold grudges against others. Leos are hardworking and are committed to completing their tasks on time with diligence.

Weaknesses of Leo (Simha) Zodiac Sign:

Leo individuals can be seen as arrogant and proud at times. They do not appreciate laziness or carelessness in their work and often have a low tolerance for it. They may dislike hearing praise from others and can come across as demanding. Some Leos tend to hold onto grudges when their expectations are not met.

What Leo (Simha) Zodiac Sign Hates the Most:

Leo individuals despise incompetence and negligence, and they have a strong aversion to those who do not take their work seriously or who show a lack of respect.

Leo (Simha) Zodiac Sign in Love and Romance:

Leo individuals have faith in love and romance and never back down from expressing their feelings. When it comes to confessing their love, they do not hesitate and are open about their emotions. Leo individuals are known to be attracted to beauty and often appreciate compliments and admiration from their partners. They are dedicated and loyal in relationships and are not afraid to invest their time and effort into making their partners feel special.

Leo (Simha) Zodiac Sign in Career and Finance:

Leo individuals are energetic and possess strong entrepreneurial qualities. They excel in various fields such as law, engineering, medicine, and politics. They are diligent in their pursuit of success and are not inclined to spend money recklessly. They prioritize their financial responsibilities and are willing to support their loved ones.

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