August 23 – September 22


The ruling planet of the Virgo zodiac sign is Mercury, and its symbol is the Virgin. This sign is associated with the Earth element. Individuals born under the Virgo sign are known for their modesty and beauty. They often pay great attention to detail and can sometimes be seen as critical, analytical, and reserved. They tend to keep their feelings to themselves and are very focused on their work and health. Virgos are generally considerate of their partner's emotions and are faithful in their relationships.

Compatibility and Affinity of Virgo Zodiac Sign:

Compatible signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn

Incompatible signs: Aries, Cancer, Pisces

Lucky day: Wednesday

Lucky gemstone: Emerald

Lucky colors: Green, White, Yellow, Orange

Strengths of Virgo Zodiac Sign:

Virgo individuals are always vigilant, keeping an eye on current events and social trends. They are known for their determination and unwavering focus on their goals. They are skilled at planning for the future and are often considered intelligent and resourceful.

Weaknesses of Virgo Zodiac Sign:

Despite their intelligence, Virgo individuals often hesitate and second-guess their decisions. They can be overly critical of others and tend to scrutinize everything. Sometimes, their pursuit of perfection can lead to stress and anxiety.

What Virgo Zodiac Sign Hates the Most:

Virgo individuals dislike those who procrastinate and fail to perform their tasks efficiently. They have a low tolerance for people who criticize them without justification.

Love and Romance for Virgo Zodiac Sign:

Virgo individuals tend to be somewhat reserved in matters of love and romance because they find it challenging to trust others easily. They may even doubt their partners at times, but they are honest and value peaceful and private moments in their relationships.

Work and Money for Virgo Zodiac Sign:

Virgo individuals are hardworking and often achieve success in their careers due to their dedication. They are not only interested in making money but also in maintaining a harmonious work environment. Virgos are known for their ability to earn and save money.

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